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    Enjoy unlimited shopping, dining and entertainment at DSF!

    The amazing celebration is more than just a grand shopping festival. The mega event showcases the best of everything Dubai has to offer. Come to Dubai during Dubai Shopping Festival and discover extravagant shopping experience with attractive discount sale held at every mall and retail outlet in Dubai. Shop, dine and relax to your heart’s content! Feel the festive verve of the city, relish multiethnic delicious cuisines, enjoy mind-blowing events and even try your luck to win amazing prizes.

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    Desert Safari

    Take a break from the heady rushes of Dubai’s city life and venture deep into the sand dunes of Arabian Desert. Desert Safari is a perfect way to experience one of the many contrasting sights of Dubai and enjoy serene, sublime moments amid nothing but endless expanses of sandy desert. Thrill it up with some desert adventure like dune bashing, sand boarding and quad biking. Watch the scorching sun turn into subtle warmth and setting away on the amber hued sandy horizon. As the night falls, get ready for some traditional entertainment, soulful music and dance with an amazing Arabic barbeque dinner.

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    Dhow Cruise

    How often can you find subdued calm ambience amid a dynamic city? A Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek gives you the perfect way of finding tranquillity amid chaos. Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise tour gives you a captivating, contrasting vision of Dubai city - a great option for a romantic outing or a simple detour from daily city sightseeings. As the day fades into night, the panorama transforms into a beautiful illuminated show as the city shimmers up into a glowing spectacle of lights. Enjoy your favourite drink as you meander down the Dubai creek, slowly drifting away from the buzzing urban noise, ebbing into a tranquil ambience filled with nonchalant conversations, soulful music and good food combined with bespoke services.

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    Shopping in Dubai

    A shopper’s paradise and home to the world’s largest mall - the Dubai Mall and many grand malls showcasing luxury and international brands, Dubai takes you on an experience that goes beyond shopping with fascinating recreational zones and world class dining experiences. There are endless choices of merchandises that you can buy anything that you wish for. The traditional souks of Dubai provides contrasting outlook at retail shopping with crisscrossed lanes lined with hundreds of shops selling everything from spices, gold, carpets to aromatic perfumes at best bargain rates. Shopping becomes an extravagant affair with Dubai Shopping Festival where Dubai’s retail outlets offer attractive discounts on merchandises for a whole month. An amalgamation of suave malls and traditional Arabian markets, Dubai provides you with a complete shopping experience.

Dubai Shopping Festival

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Tips for Dubai Shopping Festival

    Dubai is the Mecca for shopaholics and there is no other epic shopping experience as the Dubai Shopping Festival. Due to its immense popularity, it’s wise to be prepared to avoid hassles and enjoy a stress free shopping experience.
  • Start your day early morning when the day is cooler and the malls and shops have fewer people jostling for shopping. This is a great way to avoid busy crowds in famous outlets or those shops which have big discounts going on. The shops in Dubai open around 10 am, getting there shortly after opening time gives you ample time to purchase whatever you like at great prices and also have the owner’s undivided attention.

  • With countless shops selling innumerable goods that leave you with immense choices; it can seem pretty hard to decide where to go and what to buy. It is best to get some shopping knowledge before hand and know which shops are popular to purchase certain merchandises so that you can get a guarantee on the quality as well as be assured that you are getting it on value for money rates. For instance, if it’s gold you want to buy, the best place for purchasing is at the Gold Souk in Dubai, which gives you endless varieties to choose from. Preparing a plan and budget before the shopping festival will also help you have a clear idea of what you want to shop and allow in controlling your spending.
  • Shopping during a major event when retail outlets draw attention of tourists with attractive sales is a great way to lessen some burden on your wallet. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a perfect event to fulfil your shopping checklist and grab those expensive branded products that you may otherwise think twice before splurging.
  • Tag along with a friend who lives in Dubai or get a local guide who is well versed with the best shops in Dubai which are known for their merchandises and gives amazing discounts and great bargain deals.
  • Exploit the food, recreation and service scene during the Dubai Shopping Festival when the whole of Dubai is in festive mood and many restaurants, cafes, recreation and attraction activities take advantage of the tourist peak season and slash prices to attract visitors. The food scene is something you should not miss if you are a core foodie as during the shopping festival, restaurants and cafes all over Dubai provides a wide range of mouth watering international and traditional Arabic treats. The entertainment and recreational scene too transforms two folds with famous celebrities and famous artists from the cinema and music world showcasing their talents. More over many hotels, airlines and tour firms offer great deals on Dubai packages especially during Dubai Shopping Festival.

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Interesting fact about Dubai Shopping Festival

  • Dubai Shopping Festival was initiated in 1996 as a trade event to build up and expand Dubai’s retail trade by introducing great sale promotions to its visitors. Gradually this simple idea transformed on a month long epic sale event and came to be known as the largest and renowned shopping and recreational activity in the world.
  • Dubai Shopping Festival is held for a month annually and allures over three million tourists from around the globe in a single year.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival means it is discount season everywhere in Dubai with malls, shops and retail outlets slashing prices up to 50 to 75%.
  • Dubai Shopping Festival is not just about shopping. It goes beyond shopping and showcases itself as a complete family entertainer and holds grand events having some of the best of Middle Eastern and International celebrities and talent from the field of music, arts and entertainment along with a plethora of fun activities and delectable world class cuisines to enjoy.
  • Get lucky at Dubai Shopping Festival. You can take part in raffles and get a chance to win great prizes ranging from gold to luxury cars.