5 Lesser Known Facts About Dubai Shopping Festival

Shopping in Dubai

Popularly known as the entertainment hub of the world, Dubai, is the pride of United Arab Emirates. Dubai successfully experienced development, transforming from a small Bedouin village to become one of the world’s most visited cities. Apart from being famous for its world-class man-made wonders, oil supply and spectacular skyline, Dubai is also popular for being world’s third largest shopping destination. The DSF or the Dubai Shopping Festival has garnered a lot of appreciation and attention from all over the globe for its huge discount offers on branded products for a month-long period.

DSF is held annually in the city on a large scale that attracts as many as 4 million tourists from all over the world. However, there are many other facts about this festival, that will make one realize that this month-long extravaganza is not just about Shopping in Dubai but different other factors that makes it a must visit place. Read on to find out the 5 lesser known facts about the Shopping fest, that you are still not aware of.

The entertainment quotient

DSF 2017
DSF 2017

A perfect example to prove that shopping in Dubai, is everything else, along with shopping. Dubai Shopping festival is also known for its entertainment factor where celebrities from different walks of life come to perform in this beautiful city, during this amazing time. The city holds huge live concerts as well as small musical shows to keep its visitors engaged in some or the other activity. People can witness an international band performing in the city or local artists showcasing their skills. Comedians, actors and other celebrities meet and greet their fans during this mega affair.

Win some Moolah!

Yes! You can win big money in many activities that offer cash and even a luxury car as prize! Dubai Shopping Festival is known for holding some bug competitions with amazing prizes where people can win and splurge it later, on their shopping. Shoppers can earn a few coupons as well if they shop for a specific amount. They can try their luck in raffles and get a chance to win gold bars, money, cars or some of the best international products.

Exciting Holiday offers

Visiting the city during DSF has become even more affordable and exciting, as many airlines and travel companies offer deals that one cannot simply resist. People planning to visit the city should do so during the shopping festival. Enjoying a holiday while shopping their heart out, there is nothing more left to ask for. Shop, relax and rejuvenate, is the mantra of the DSF, earning itself a place in the list of popular tourist destinations.

Tax free Shipping

One of the major factors that makes Dubai one of the most sought after tourist and shopping destination globally. The shoppers get high discounts on a wide range of items and stock furthermore the celebration offers generally tax exempt shopping which additionally decreases the sticker prices on the stock. One can spare a great deal of cash on costly products like jewellery and electronic things.

Dubai Global Village

Dubai Global Village
Dubai Global Village

Dubai’s Heritage Village is especially energetic amid the Dubai Shopping Festival, when you can appreciate a large group of demonstrations varying from customary cookery preparing to desert life displays, and parachuting shows to shipbuilding. Exhibitions in the Diving Village light up Dubai’s historical importance as a pearling country while potters and weavers hone their conventional crafts and artefacts at barasti stalls that are set up in the Heritage Village.

A place worth visiting as it offers huge discounts on branded items, gold, gadgets and various other products and services. Dubai Shopping Festival has set a benchmark for the world while showing them how to plan, organize and execute an event on a large scale.

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