Beautiful Dubai Exposure Through The Eyes Of Dubai Travel Guide

Palm Island Dubai
Palm Island Dubai

Dubai is a unique city that cannot be compared to any other place in the planet. Dubai is often claimed to be one of the fastest growing city in the world. The city has evolved itself from a small trading center to become the most futuristic and glamorous urban destinations in the world, over the past four decades. Dubai is the city that has the power to dream the unachievable and then later transform it into reality, ripping people’s expectations and rewriting the record books as evidently seen the developments such as the Burj Al Arab, the soaring Burj Khalifa and the vast stretch of artificial Palm Jumeirah island.
Ideally a desert city, Dubai has mind blowing infrastructure and has been gaining popularity in the recent years, making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, this Dubai Travel Guide will be essential for you to read and understand about the city, so that you make the most out of this trip.

Huge city with distinct factors

There are a lot of factors that contribute to Dubai’s popularity. Apart from having soaring skylines and artificial islands, the city has also set a record for being third largest shopping destinations in the world. Shopping in Dubai is a different experience altogether, owing to the huge themed shopping malls that you can come across after every 10 minutes of your drive around the city. Not surprisingly though, shopping in Dubai is considered to be the locals’ favourite past time. The city also organizes two shopping festivals annually to boost the city’s retail trade and tourism. The Dubai Shopping Festival alone had attracted over 3 million people from all over the world, in the month-long duration. Do not hold yourself back from shopping in the city, as there is nothing that you want and cannot find in Dubai.

Consistent weather conditions

Taking pride in the fact that the sun shines in the Emirates, all around the year, the temperature however becomes a little unbearable during the summer. Though there are a lot of ways to keep yourself cool during the summers in Dubai, it is always better to plan when you should go to avoid sun burn and dehydration problems. The best time to visit the city is the cooler winter months spanning from December through February, when the city enjoys a cooler climate with daily temperatures to be in mid-20 degrees. This is one of the reasons why hotels have a higher room rate during this season.

Culture of Dubai

A popular city with rich Islamic culture and traditions that sets an example of setting love and peace in one of the world’s most troubled region. It is highly recommended that women visitors should dress modestly in public places, like the malls and restaurants and avoid PDA at all costs. If you are in the city for business, you should refrain a handshake when dealing with a woman. The culture of Dubai is immersed in Islam, providing strength and inspiration, that touches the local as well as visitors’ all aspects of daily life. You can come across the rich courtesy and hospitality of the Arab world while visiting the place.

Visit old Dubai

Dubai is big, it’s brash but there are still layers of Dubai that goes unnoticed. Just near the creek’s edge in Bur Dubai, sits the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood where you can find restored last remaining houses from the mid-19th century. In contrast with today’s architectural buildings in Dubai, the buildings in this neighbourhood are earth brown in colour with few windows and small wooden doors. Each house has its own wind tower, which was used to get cool air in the house, showing the technique of having natural form of air conditioning. Very few residents have a reason to come to this part of Dubai, which gives you an opportunity to explore the old city in your own sweet time. Take a tour with an Emirati and learn about the UAE culture over a traditional spread of Middle Eastern breakfast.

This travel guide will help you look for places you can visit and things that you should and should not do. Visit the Emirati city and enjoy the warm hospitality of the place.

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