Best Reasons to Splurge Big in The Dubai Shopping Festival 2017

Dubai Shopping Festival 2017
Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF was initially started as a simple retail event to boost trade of the UAE. This mega event made a super hit debut in the year 1996 and the popularity of the affair has been unstoppable ever since. This fest has the record of attracting 4 million people from all over the world, making it one of the largest shopping extravaganza in the world. Dubai Shopping Festival 2017 will mark its 22nd anniversary, which is said to get better and bigger than every year with astounding discounts and entertainment events.

While shoppers will rejoice, and take part in this largest shopping festival, tourists and locals who are looking for some entertainment will not be disappointed with this grand affair. Like every year, Dubai Shopping Festival dates for the year 2017 are out and people all over the world are excited to be a part of it. If you are planning to visit the city during the festival, you can look forward to availing huge discounts on clothes, shoes, gadget and electronics as well as attending international concerts by world famous celebrities, musical shows and fashion events, etc. An event meant for people of all age group, amazing shopping offers, games and prizes will help your family keep entertained throughout the trip.

Dubai shopping festival dates often fall in the first week of January and goes up for a month till February. However, this year around, the fest is starting a little earlier, that is, a day after Christmas eve, on 26th December 2016. Dubai shopping festival deals during this month-long event are not only limited for shopping but hotels also offer amazing discounts which makes almost every hotel in the city jam packed with tourists who visit the mega affair every year. It is highly recommended that you pre-book your hotel room if you are keen on visiting the city to avoid last moment rush.

With large number of things on discounts that will make you swoon and on display, the visitors might get confused about what to buy and what not to buy at this grand affair. If you are planning to buy beautiful handmade carpets, you will be spoilt for choice with amazing Dubai shopping festival deals that will be available on wide variety of carpets like Persian, Turkish, Iranian and Kashmiri carpets. Due to the tax-free status of the city, shopping for electronics during the Dubai Shopping Festival is something that you don’t want to miss out on. Electronic shopping in the city during this fest is nothing short of a steal where you can grab the products of almost every major and small brand at a much cheaper price.

You just cannot visit Dubai and not shop for gold! High discount rates during the DSF are valid even on gold and it will be a crime if you do not purchase duty free gold jewelry. As far as watches are concerned, name the brand and you will find them all at the Dubai shopping festival. Everything from local to branded, studded to leather watches are available at great discount prices in this fest. A leather lover will be left gasping for more with huge varieties and range of shoes, wallets, belts and jackets to choose from, that too at dirt cheap prices. Dubai is famous for its leather goods and not getting them during your visit in the city will be a waste.

Visit the authentic local souqs of Dubai and make a beeline to shop for some of the finest, high quality dry fruits available in the Arab countries. Haggle for price and you are sure to grab a good deal for these dry fruits. Perfumes and cosmetics are another must buy goods during this grand affair, where you can find and shop for local and branded perfumes on huge massive discounts. You can similarly find wide variety of cosmetics, duty free and available at cheap prices. Arabic spices are well known for their aroma and for making the food more appetizing. Do not forget to pick these spices up from stalls while shopping at the festival.

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