Best Things to Buy in Dubai When on Vacation

things to buy in dubai
Shopping in Dubai

It’s a known fact that Dubai is a retailer’s paradise. Dubai is a tax free city, which means, it does not impose taxes on companies and residents. This results in no taxes being imposed on the best things to buy in Dubai. Retail products here found at lower prices than anywhere in the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival is a prime example of the city’s retail popularity. People from around the world; plan their vacations around the festival. The come here empty, and leave with gigantic shopping bags full of goodies and happy memories.

Word of caution first; before planning a shopping excursion to Dubai, research on the amount of goods that you are allowed to bring into your country, and the duty you need to pay on them. Also, research on the best things to buy in Dubai. This way, you know exactly what all to buy, and are not overwhelmed with the amazing things on offer. We also have a list of the best things to buy in Dubai that’ll help you make the most of your shopping excursion.


U.A.E is famous for its gold. It is reasonably priced, and of superior quality. In Middle Eastern culture, gold is valued a lot, and so, many people invest in this metal. Dubai’s gold market, the Gold Souk in Deira, is the largest gold market in the Middle East. From small gold items, to extravagant jewellery, you can find it all in this market. Though gold is available all over Dubai, this souk is the best, as you can also bargain with the shopkeepers on giving you the best price.


Dubai being a duty-free paradise is also a haven for electronic products, technology changes and gets better every day. Therefore, Dubai is a great place to acquire all the latest electronics. Dubai has a strong mall culture, and many of them have tempting offers on their products, especially during the Dubai Shopping Festival. Plus, it being duty-free, you can get these products almost for a steal. There are online stores as well that will directly deliver to you. So, if you are looking for the latest 4K TV, or the most advanced laptop for a good price, Dubai is the place to shop.


Spices are an integral part of the Emirati cuisine. Therefore, spices are readily available in Dubai. Spices are some of the most valued things in the world. Hence, if you are in Dubai, you must purchase some rare spices so you can use in cooking, or even gift them. The Spice Souk near Deira is the one of the best spice markets. It’s always better to buy from stalls and vendors as they provide the best bargains. Here, you will also come across spices you may not even have heard of. Some spices like saffron, are even more expensive than gold. So, a visit here is a must.

Pashmina Shawls

It would be a crime if you come to Dubai and not buy Pashmina shawls. The city’s Deira Souk is famous for it. It is made from pure silk, and is of extremely high quality. The pure cashmeres can be a bit expensive, so you can try other blended shawls. The shawls are renowned the world over, and you must possess at least one as a memory of your Dubai trip.

Arabic Perfumes

Arabic perfumes are unique and there are none like them anywhere else in the world. Wearing perfume is an important part of the Emirati culture, and hence, you can find many authentic perfume sellers all over Dubai. And what’s great is that these perfumes are quite affordable. You can buy many and gift them to your loved ones. Frankincense & Myrrh are also available in the plentiful, and they one of the best things to buy in Dubai. Though expensive, they are completely worth it.


One of the best things to buy in Dubai is a shisha kit. Smoking shisha had been a tradition since the times of the Bedouins. Therefore, you can find the best kits here. From small simple ones, to decorative lavish ones, these kits are something you can use to liven up the parties back home. They are priced according to your need.

The above mentioned are just a few of the best things to buy in Dubai. There are other items like rugs, carpets, artisan vases, dates, almonds, chocolates, etc. that you can buy. Dubai is one the finest retail destinations in the world and you are guaranteed to find everything imaginable here, in their best quality, at the most reasonable price.

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