Dubai Shopping Festival – The Festival of Huge Discounts, Quality Products & Much More

Dubai Shopping
Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Shopping Festival is on the horizon. Starting from the 26th of December, the world will be converging on this marvelous city to partake in the most sought after shopping extravaganza in the world. From huge discounts to stunning prizes, there’s just so much happening here. For a whole month, Dubai becomes the most happening place in the world. Therefore, if you are planning your winter vacation, head to Dubai for the festival. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Huge Discounts   

Is there a high-end electronic product that you’ve been dying to buy, but it’s out of your budget. Then come to DSF. You are guaranteed to find your dream product, that too with large discounts on the price. At DSF, you’ll find the best products at the most amazing discounts. Gold jewelry, high-end electronics, furniture, designer clothes, textiles, perfumes, and accessories, are just some of the best things to buy in Dubai. So you can imagine the vast number of products that will be offer with humongous discounts.

Quality Product

DSF is one of the best places where you can buy the best products in the world. Since sales at the DSF are high. Companies reserve their best products for DSF. All the best companies in the world release their products at DSF, hoping to make high sales. And of course, owing to the huge discounts, shoppers get these high quality products for a steal. So, another reason to visit DSF is the quality products on offer.

Much More

Dubai Shopping Festival is not just a festival, it is an extravaganza full of fun and entertainment. It is all about attracting crowds by providing entertainment. Some of the biggest malls in Dubai hire international and national stars and celebrities to come and perform at their event. This is a wonderful opportunity for people to see and favourite stars live in performance. Such events provide a lot of entertainment to the people. And speaking for entertainment, none is more popular that the opening ceremony. Against the backdrop of the Dubai Creek, fireworks light up the sky with stunning colors to mark the opening of the festival. However, if you are unable to catch these big performances, you can always entertain yourself with street performers. The streets garner a parade-like feel as there are performers on every street corner doing magic, juggling acts, flash mobs, fire-throwing, dances, and many other entertaining forms of performances.

Another wonderful facet of the shopping festival is the food. There are free food tastings all around. So much so that one could actually get their stomach filled by just tasting the food. From delicious Emirati cuisine, to hearty American fast food, everything is available at the festival. If you want healthy food for your children you can find that too in the plenty. Other than being a shopping extravaganza, DSF is also a gastronomic extravaganza with the shoppers getting the opportunity to taste cuisines from all around the world.

Now this is one of the most importants features of DSF. The raffle draw is one of the most popular events at DSF, and almost every shoppers takes part in this. But what so great about a raffle draw? Just like everything else that Dubai does in style, the raffle draw too is stylish and expensive. With each year, the prizes keep getting bigger and better. What are prizes people have won? Well, how does a Porsche car sounds? Or better yet, how does a million dollars sound? Yes, these have been some of the past prizes people have won at DSF. Even the lesser prizes like high-end electronics, jewellery, cash prizes sound delightful. The shoppers love the raffle draw, and its has become one of the main features of DSF.

The popularity of DSF is such that promotions for the festival in the other countries begin months in advance. Tour operators from all over the world start creating special tour packages just for the festival. Many shoppers from around the world also start planning in advance. They save up money the whole year, and make a list of products they want buy. Such is the popularity of DSF. Dubai too leaves no stone unturned in their preparations for the festival. Each year, they expand and identify new areas that become a part of the event. Millions of dollars are spent on beautifying this already beautiful city. Hotels and resorts also get ready to welcome the thousands of guests who arrive from all over the world. The streets are decked in lights, giving the whole city festive feel.

Dubai Shopping Festival is not just a festival, it is a world event that sees participation from all over the world. So, if you are planning a nice winter vacation, then make a list of the best things to buy in Dubai, and head to DSF. You’ll not only have an amazing vacation, you will also have a shopping excursion to remember.


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