Dubai Shopping Festival Offers Are Worth their Weight in Gold

Dubai Shopping Festival
Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is not just Middle East’s favourite; it is the world’s favourite shopping extravaganza. Staring from the 26th of December, the whole world descends upon Dubai and indulges in the retail madness. The Dubai Shopping Festival offers and discounts are so unbelievable; you’d think that they were giving away stuff for free. And speaking of free, don’t forget to take part in the raffle where enormous cash prizes, luxury cars, high-end electronics, gold jewellery and more, are up for grabs. Here’s what all you can expect from this shopping extravaganza.

From gigantic malls to small souks, everywhere, there are huge discounts on offer. Therefore, there is no particular place where you have to go to get discounts. You will get discounts in all retails stores throughout the city. Starting from 10%, the discounts can go as high as 70%. Sounds amazing, right? During the festival, you can buy all that you’ve always wanted to buy that too for a steal. Therefore, expect discounts like you have never experienced before. No wonder this is the world’s most awaited shopping extravaganza.


Buy a product and get something free. Buy something else, and get a huge discount another product and so on. There are innumerable combinations of offers throughout the Dubai Shopping Festival. From big malls like The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates, to the many Souks located near Deira, all of them have amazing offers that benefit shoppers. You are guaranteed to leave Dubai with the best bargains. The offers are worth their weight in gold.

What else to look forward to in the festival

Entertainment Shows

This is the most competitive time for retailers; hence, they resort to many ways to attract crowds. One of those ways is by arranging for celebrity performances. Mostly malls and big-chain retails stores are the ones who arrange for celebrities like musicians and actors to perform at their events. This is a great way to attract crowds, and the crowds too get to the see performances by the favourite celebs live for free. It is a win-win situation for all. There’s a lot more like street performances, flash mobs, magic shows, juggling acts, and other performances as well that keep the crowds entertained throughout. Even if you are not shopping, you can just come out on the streets, enjoy the entertainment and have great time.


One of the most amazing features of the Dubai Shopping Festival is the raffle draw. With each year, the raffle draws get bigger and better with amazing prizes on offer. One example is of a Porsche being given away as a prize. Another year, a cash of $1 million was on offer, which was won by a tourist. Therefore, make sure you take part in the raffle draw as there is a good chance you can win the big prize. Even if you don’t win the big prize, there are many other small prizes like vouchers, clothes, electronics, etc. that you can win.


You are bound to get famished availing all the Dubai Shopping Festivals offers. Then you head to the many wonderful food stalls in the city. They are completely bedecked in bright lights and decorations, and many of them even offer free food sampling. From fast foods, to gourmet snacks, you can indulge your taste buds in cuisines from all around the world.


Fireworks are one of the most awaited and beautiful event of the Dubai Shopping Festival. On the opening day of the festival, all eyes are on the Dubai Creek as a lights and fireworks show marks the commencement of the festival. It is a wonderful sight as the clear Dubai sky is full of various colours and attractive fireworks. Fireworks are a prime feature throughout the festival, as they are part of many entertainment events.

Clothes, apparels, textiles, perfumes, home decor, electronics, gold and diamond jewellery and so much more, the Dubai Shopping Festival is not just an event, it is an opportunity to indulge in your desires, and buy the best of things at the lowest prices possible. Dubai Shopping Festival offers are designed for the buyers and sellers to both benefit. While there are many shopping festivals throughout the year, none compare to the Dubai Shopping Festival. Book your tickets today.

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