Surprising Facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai is a city famous for its luxury and elegance offered to its guests. Dubai has transformed into a fabulous tourist destination in the last decade; the Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the critical factors promoting tourism in Dubai. The DSF is instrumental in changing the global face of Dubai as a tourist destination. Each year over 4 million people around the world come over to Dubai during the DSF. Held during the first month of January annually, the DSF is a month-long shopping extravaganza that offers loads of fun, entertainment, and a host of shopping options. We have listed some of the most exciting and surprising facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival that would enhance your knowledge about this grand and glamorous shopping festival.

One of the unique shopping festivals in the world

Counted as one of the most dazzling events in the Middle East and the world. The DSF had a very humble beginning in 1996 when it was started as a retail event to boost the retail trade sector in Dubai. But the instant success and tremendous response it received over the years had led to being a unique shopping festivals in the world 20 years down the line. The DSF has been the driving factor promoting Dubai tourism to the world.

Catch hold of fantastic discounts and promotions

Dubai has transformed into a shopper’s paradise every since DSF started off with major global brands housed in Dubai. For shopping lovers, this is heaven. Be it apparel, accessories, jewelry, electronics, or everything you can probably think of, discounts offered are almost as high as 75% during the festival. The Global Village that is one of the prominent highlights of the DSF provides an impressive variety of things like home d├ęcor, furniture, and country-specific souvenirs.

Grand and spectacular fireworks

Dubai is a fabulous global city, and one can’t help being amazed by the glamor and glitz of this shopping extravaganza. There are a charm and elegance associated with its downtown. This shopping festival kicks off with spectacular fireworks during the ceremonial function followed by a fabulous sound and light show. These grand fireworks scheduled on various days all through the month. The illuminated city skyline is bound to mesmerize tourists and guests with the spellbinding fireworks.

A host of entertainment options

Many people have a misconception that DSF is all about shopping. But Dubai hosts several entertainment shows like the award-winning Broadway musicals, live concerts, street plays, presentations, and much more. There are a host of activities to keep you engaged and entertainment all through your stay. The city is lit up with bright, vibrant lights, and there are street shows in every corner of the town. If that was not it, the Global Village hosts special events in its entertainment park.

Your chance to get lucky

The DSF offers a rare opportunity to try out your luck and win some fabulous prizes. Raffles provided to guests purchasing stuff from various outlets and stores gives them a chance to go back with surprising gifts. The gifts vary from gold, shopping vouchers, cars, and even money.

Great holiday packages

Dubai not only offers great discounts and promotions on shopping, tourists and guests can also get amazing discounts and deals on various city tours like the Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, Burj Khalifa, etc. The airlines slash their airfares for people traveling to Dubai during this time of the year. You will have to find serious reasons to skip this event primarily when products offered are at unbelievable prices. The DSF is a great time to explore the fascinating culture and browse through the landmarks of Dubai.

Diverse global cuisines to savor

No matter how much you shop, unless you complete it with a satisfying and scrumptious meal, your overall experience would be incomplete. Restaurants and food outlets offer diverse global cuisines for sampling and tasting at every corner of the street. The Global Village that has pavilions representing different corners of the world provides delicious Emirati snacks and mouth-watering global cuisines to savor. We assure you that your taste buds are in for a real treat during this shopping festival.

Indulge in tax-free shopping

Dubai being a tax-free city offers guests a chance to indulge in some duty-free shopping. Combine it with amazing discounts of the DSF; you may be left stunned at the unbelievable prices provided. Tax is forbidden in Dubai and considered as haram. Guests can wholeheartedly purchase products without overshooting their budget. The retailers still manage to make good profits even though the prices slashed are dirt-cheap.

Grand opening and closing ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies are something you should not miss out. They are opulent to every core. Both of these functions are so diverse and different that the tourists plan out their schedule in such a way to catch hold of either one of them. The Dubai Creek is lit up with fascinating fireworks and a spectacular light and sound show. The opening and closing ceremonies are planned months before to capture the attention of the people each year and are critical for the mega success of this event.

Rich cultural heritage

The DSF offers a beautiful display to explore the fantastic rich cultural heritage of UAE and Dubai. The UAE has a rich history that is vying for attention from people around the globe. The Heritage Village steals the limelight during this grand festival. Explore the numerous displays showcasing the Emirati life and culture, authentic art and crafts of the previous era, and much more. Dive deep into the beautiful history of Dubai that was surviving on two principal activities like pearl diving and fishing before the oil boom.

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