Top 5 Havens For Shopping in Dubai

shopping in dubai

To say Dubai is a shopper’s paradise is an understatement. This is the place where the whole world comes to shop. Why? Because shopping in Dubai is an experience. It goes beyond simply shopping. And of course, there’s the Dubai Shopping Festival. This shopping extravaganza is the most popular festival in the world, and thousands of people travel from around the world to take part in it. The whole city participates in the festival, and there are offers galore. However, to make the most of it, you must know the best places to shop. Instead of wasting time exploring all shopping avenues, get to these places and grab the best deals.

The Dubai Mall

Mall of Dubai

The world’s biggest mall is one of the best places to shop during the festival. Actually, this place is one of the best places to shop all year round. But during the festival, there are so many offers that you will be spoilt for choice. Dubai Mall is home to the biggest brands in the world, and all these amazing brands have offers on all their products. So, from high-end electronics to the designer clothes, from gold and diamond jewellery to accessories, there are unbelievable offers on all of them. Another advantage of shopping at Dubai Mall is that the mall also has a lot of entertainment options. So, if you need a break from shopping, you can find many options for entertainment. You can also grab a bite of your favourite cuisine at the mall. Therefore, when you are in Dubai, you know which place to make a beeline for.

Mall of Emirates

mall of emirates

If for some reason, you cannot go to the Dubai Mall, or have already explored the place, the next mall you should check out is the Mall of Emirates. Though it may not be as big as Dubai Mall, it is still huge. Mall of Emirates is considered to be a shopping resort. With more than 450 stores of the best brands in the world, you sure to find the best bargains and products that you’ve been looking for. And just like Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates also has many entertainment avenues. 14-screen multiplex, Ski Dubai, Magic Planet, and more, there are places for entertainment for people of all ages. So, if you are in Dubai, be sure to make a trip to the Mall of Emirates. This place truly is a shopping resort.

Gold Souk

gold souk

One of the best places for shopping in Dubai is the Gold Souk. Be it the Dubai Shopping Festival or any other time in the year, Gold Souk is the place to shop for gold and other jewellery. Gold is considered important in the Emirati culture. It signifies wealth and prosperity. Therefore, a lot of gold is imported to Dubai, making it a haven for gold products. In fact, U.A.E. is probably the only country in the world that has an ATM that dispenses gold bars. So, you can imagine the obsession with gold. At the Gold Souk, there are many shops selling jewellery. The competition is stiff. So, to outdo each other, they come up with offers, and even give you a chance to bargain and get the prices down. This is one of the reasons why shopping here is ideal. Also, you get a lot of variety, and are sure to find jewellery that you will love. So, for jewellery, there is only place to consider – The Gold Souk.

Karama Shopping Center

Tourists love buying souvenirs, and the best place for them is the Karama Shopping Center. Located along the creek, this place is always jam packed. Rather than buying expensive souvenirs from malls, you can buy them from here. Most of the products here come from India, and other parts of Asia, so this is a great place to buy knock offs, and imitation products. If you are on a budget, Karama Shopping Center is perfect. It is light on the pocket, and you end up buying things that will remind you of your trip to Dubai.

Al Fahidi Street

After gold, Dubai is famous for electronic products. Dubai is a tax-free city, and there are virtually no taxes on high-end electronic goods. So, many tourists buy electronics in Dubai, as they are considerably cheaper. The best place to buy them is Al Fahidi Street. You can find products of all brands, and you can also get international warranty on them. Al Fahidi Street is lined with electronics stores, and there are offers galore. The only thing you need to look out for is the voltage requirements. Make sure they match with your country.

Shopping in Dubai is an experience like no other. Though the city has many wonderful attractions, thousands of tourists come here only to shop. The Dubai Shopping Festival has played a big role in Dubai getting a wonderful reputation. The offers, the food, the entertainment, and of course, the unbelievable raffle, make DSF the absolute best shopping festival. The festival is currently ongoing till the 28th of January. So, there’s still time to plan a quick trip to Dubai, and shop till you drop.


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